Inform, Educate & Empower

The Bond Assistance Program Los Angeles (BAP LA) launch of the Contractor Development has proven to be a resounding success. With the decline of construction activity after the recession, the program expanded the services delivered to contractors to address many issues and concerns contractor’s faced with obtaining projects in the public sector. Focusing on elements that develop and sustain the small business construction community beyond bonding are the steps necessary to increase their chances of being competitive. Rather than solely focusing on bond guarantee transactions, our program services have expanded to focus on education and training, as well as one on one contractor support and guidance.

The Four Pillars of Contractor Development are uniquely crafted to Inform, Educate, and Empower the small business contractor.  Since the launch of Contractor Development in April 2015, the program has provided over 2,500 instances of technical assistance, engagement, and support for the small business contracting community. In 2015, the program also enriched their Education and Training Series to include nine educational trainings, a six-week Bidding & Estimating Boot Camp, and three Council District Workshops. The Program’s emphasis on a robust approach to address the various challenges in Public Work construction was the answer that contractors were looking for.

Look to see more from Contractor Development and Bonding Assistance Program (formerly known as Bonding Assistance Program Los Angeles BAP LA)  in 2016, with an increased focus on policy, education, and project specific outreach.



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