San Diego County Regional Airport Authority – Contractor Bonding Assistance Program

Helping small contractors soar to new heights of business success

Created in 2003, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA) is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations for San Diego International Airport – the busiest single-runway commercial airport in the United States  – as well as planning for the County’s future air transportation needs.

San Diego County has a diverse population of over 3 Million, making it the second-most populated county in California and the fifth-most in the United States. With San Diego International Airport consistently setting new records in the numbers of passengers served, the airport’s maintenance, upgrades and expansion are ongoing priorities, and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is committed to making these work opportunities available to local small, minority, disabled, women and veteran contractors.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s Bonding and Contract Financing Assistance Program was established to provide a range of assistance to small businesses seeking to participate in airport construction projects.

Photo Above: San Diego International Airport, Courtesy of San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, photography by Pablo Mason.

Bonding and Contract Financing Assistance Program Services include:

  • Presenting contractor-focused group workshops on bonding, insurance, financing, risk management, industry best practices and business development.
  • Supporting contractors with individualized technical, contract and project guidance.
  • Helping contractors to obtain required insurance and bonding.
  • Providing bid, performance, and payment bond guarantees to surety companies (up to the lesser of 40% of the bond amount or $750,000).
  • Offering loan guarantees to banks (up to the lesser of 50% of the loan amount or $750,000).
  • Coordinating Third Party Fund Administration to manage contract disbursements.
  • Assisting contractors with professional accounting services and referrals to program partners.

Costs: Program services are sponsored by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and are provided at no charge to participating Contractors.

Enrollment Eligibility: The Bonding & Contract Financing Assistance Program is open to all local experienced and licensed small businesses interested in participating.

For additional eligibility Information, visit the San Diego International Airport website here.

Increasing accessibility, expanding opportunities

Although DuWright Construction, Inc. had years of experience in General Engineering and Construction as well as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, the company’s bonding capacity was initially limited to $250,000 without collateral. By enrolling in the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Bonding and Contract Financing Assistance Program, they were able to get collateral assistance to increase their bonding and were the winning bid for a pivotal HVAC contract with the Airport.

“Without having to post collateral on my own, I can grow my workforce and get more projects. I’m not limited. All of the work at the Airport has helped my company tremendously. I wish that type of program was out there for other kinds of work too.”
– Joseph Pereira, President and Owner, DuWright Construction, Inc.

Photo: HVAC welding, Courtesy of DuWright Construction, Inc.

Contractor development creates community development

Civil engineer and President and CEO of Escondido‐based MarCon Engineering, Maryory Contreras originally enrolled in the Bonding and Contract Financing Assistance  Program to get assistance in securing bonding to be able to bid on a project for the airport’s new Rental Car Center. Not only did Contreras’ company get the necessary bonding, but she won a $1.9 Million contract to work on the Rental Car Center.

“Working at the airport is a great opportunity for small businesses.  This project enabled us to employ a 10-person crew to install underground water and sewer lines and storm drains for the facility.  And now we have even more work at the airport. Maria Quiroz at Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services has been a key liaison between small business, large prime general contractors and the Airport Authorities. Her knowledge of the construction industry challenges and difficulties makes her a valuable resource for small businesses participating in airport projects.”
– Maryory Contreras, President and CEO, MarCon Engineering

Photos: MarCon project site, Courtesy of Maryory Contreras, MarCon Engineering, Inc.

Commitment to inclusive expansion

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority has a strong commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth which creates opportunities for local, small and minority contractors to participate in the Airport’s many ongoing projects.

“The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is firmly committed to providing contracting opportunities to small and local businesses that wish to do business at San Diego International Airport. We believe that how you do business is as important to our growth as expansion itself. We understand that as a major airport we are a major economic driver in the San Diego region, and including small and local businesses, particularly in our construction program and as concessionaires, serves our surrounding community and, ultimately, benefits the traveling public. For close to a decade, we’ve made an investment in removing barriers and have partnered with Merriwether & Williams to provide bonding and technical assistance to our small and local contractor community. This program has helped firms that might have thought doing business with the airport was out of reach secure a contract, and, in some cases, multiple contracts.
The Merriwether & Williams team has shown they are as committed as we are and together we’re making a difference to ensure more opportunity and inclusion of San Diego’s small and local business community.”
– Thella Bowens, former President/CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Photos: San Diego International Airport, Courtesy of San Diego County Airport Authority   (click on photos to enlarge)

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