Expanding Opportunities for Inclusion

Whether you are a public agency seeking to meet inclusion and equity goals, a large contractor needing reliable sub-contractors, or a small contractor hoping to grow your business, Merriwether & Williams has an expert team to support your goals. We’ve coined the phrase “aligned risk management” to articulate that good risk management can in fact align with other objectives, particularly providing opportunities and inclusion of small and diverse businesses. Our clients who share these values and invest in resources to remove barriers open up greater access for businesses to compete, and thereby benefit directly in new innovations and more robust competition.

Over the past 20 years, this has proven to be a winning combination, enabling small, minority, women and disabled veteran-owned companies to bid on over $1.042 billion in public works construction, while providing over $20 million in contract savings to our sponsor-partners.

A jackhammer and crane are not the only tools of the trade.

Our participating contractors have successfully completed work with a less than 1% default rate, compared with a much higher construction industry average.  The basis for this award-winning success is rooted in our 4 Essentials of Contractor Development, offered on behalf of our sponsors to contractor program participants, through which we provide:


  • One-on-one consultations to determine individual contractor strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Customized contractor development plans to provide support where needed.


  • Specialized classes on all aspects of running a successful contracting business.
  • Training by industry experts on public construction best practices.
  • Personal Account Managers to assist step-by-step through the development process.

Technical Support

  • When applicable, subsidies for contractors to have their financial statements professionally reviewed and put in order by local CPAs.
  • Collateral guarantees so that contractors can secure contract financing and bonds.
  • Assistance with obtaining or increasing bonding capacity.
  • Funds administration to ensure that contractors have solid project funds management and risk mitigation.
  • Individualized scope review, project assessment, and field support for program-bonded contracts.
  • Assistance with project risk identification and mitigation.

Prime Partner Program and Agency Networking

  • Matchmaking to help Program contractors find available opportunities.
  • Assistance with prime pre-qualification process.
  • Networking with public agency staff and peer contractors.
  • Outreach/referral between prime and project contractors.
  • Notification of upcoming projects, requests for proposals and industry events.

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