Helping small local contractors learn, connect and grow their businesses

Alameda County provides local small, minority, woman and veteran-owned businesses with the necessary assistance to overcome historic barriers to inclusion in public works construction and to enable them to meaningfully participate in Alameda County projects, such as the Housing Projects funded with Measure A-1 Affordable Housing dollars.  We bring together contractors, developers, unions and public agencies to support the economic empowerment of underutilized local contractors and workers. Each of these groups is playing an important role in promoting the growth and development of small and minority businesses, which in turn helps support the long-term economic health of the communities in Alameda County. This win-win means that the monies which the taxpayers have invested in funding the A-1 Housing Bond are most effectively and efficiently put to use not just in creating more affordable housing, but also in creating greater opportunities for local businesses to participate in local construction projects, thereby expanding their own professional experience while participating in the growth and vitalization of their communities.

The County’s Contractor Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) helps ensure the success of the inclusionary aspects of the A-1 Housing Bond, including its requirement that 20% of the work on A-1 projects be completed by small, local businesses.  Through outreach, assessment, education, workshops, technical assistance, matchmaking and other support services, the Program helps make A-1 opportunities accessible.  With a proven track record of building small contractor capacity through access to bonding, credit, safety, risk management and technical assistance, CTAP will work closely with all stakeholders in the A-1 process to ensure that small, local contractors are able to actively participate in the efforts to alleviate homelessness in Alameda County while building the local economy.

Alameda County’s Contractor Technical Assistance Program is administered by industry professionals knowledgeable about construction, project labor and community benefits.

The Contractor Technical Assistance Program:

• Convenes outreach/networking events where small, local minority, women and veteran-owned businesses learn of upcoming A-1 Housing Bond opportunities and prepare for partnerships to complete work on Housing Bond projects.
• Provides the tools, relationships and resources such as technical assistance and bonding needed by small local businesses to get involved in and successfully complete Housing Bond projects.
• Provides information on inclusion and labor requirements to successfully complete A-1 Housing Bond projects.
• Helps small contractors identify and connect with local apprentices seeking work on Alameda County housing and other projects.
• Provides in-the-field technical support to help contractors successfully manage and complete projects.
• Helps share outcomes and successes that demonstrate how A-1 Housing Bond taxpayer dollars are being invested in ways that stabilize and strengthen local communities and economies.

Get registered to get connected to A-1 Housing Bond-related opportunities

CBAP maintains a list of local, licensed small contractors who are interested in and available to work on A-1 Housing Bond-related projects. Our list is specifically made available to project developers and prime contractors who are looking for local licensed contractors to participate in their projects, making it easier for them to determine your areas of specialty and to contact you about their project work and upcoming opportunities. You’ll also be notified of A-1 Housing Bond networking, pre-bid and workshop events hosted by Alameda County’s Contractor Technical Assistance Program and A-1 Housing Bond project partners. Use the link below to register your business:

Get Registered, Get Connected

Find A-1 Housing Bond Project work now

The A-1 Housing Bond is projected to lead to an estimated $5 Billion in total housing-related investments in Alameda County, which translates to many opportunities for small contractors!

Visit our A-1 Contractor Opportunities page for a list of ongoing A-1 Housing Bond-funded projects, information on current opportunities from project developers and prime contractors, and other helpful links and resources to help you build your business while participating in this historic venture to create more affordable housing in our communities.


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